mercredi 2 septembre 2015

Showroom. Permanent exhibition. Portrait studio. Les 4 Vents. Grandcamp-Maisy. Normandy. France

Since July 2014 I moved to a Villa on the sea called Les 4 Vents, The 4 Winds Here I hanged many pictures so it works like a showroom Logically, I hanged the portraits I realized in Normandy: Creatures of the sea Créatures de la mer also the Spinemen I realized in the dunes of Omaha beach. and two portrait of men with a shell. I added portraits of Birdmen and Birdwomen. You can see them with appointment. It's also my studio now and as I realize portraits you can ask me to realize portraits that I can execute in Paris, in Normandy or anywhere. . River Dillon c/o Denis Dandurand Les 4 Vents 47 rue Gambetta 14450 Grandcamp-Maisy +33 (0) 678579142

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